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“When you lovingly reach out to yourself and give yourself undivided attention, then life will blossom from the depths of your heart and the fruit of inner contentment will blow around you like a soft wind."


BDY/EYU Yoga teacher AYInnovation Advanced certified (Dr. Ronald Steiner) Breathwork and meditation teacher Ongoing training in Vedanta philosophy Systemic counselor and systemic therapist (SIA)

Providing a loving and clear space is at the heart of my work. 

For me, practicing a true (inner) attitude and focusing on a supportive alignment form the basis of inner knowledge and trust. 

This can effortlessly open the door to profound transformation processes without nourishing resistance.




I have been teaching Hatha Yoga in the Sivananda tradition since 2009. Over the years of practicing I have also explored other yoga styles. This means that I have completed several hundred hours of theoretical and practical yoga training over more than a decade. I am Level 2 authorized by Paramaguru Sharath Jois (SYC Mysore, formerly KPJAYI, Krishna Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute).

As a business economist, biochemist, paramedic, yoga teacher and healer, it is a pleasure for me to build bridges – between Eastern and Western knowledge, between science and spirituality, and from being to being. I see practicing yoga as a way to experience deep unity, true contact and inner peace.

I hold a compassionate space for all participants in my classes. I cultivate the intention for practitioners to become more self-aware safely and freely.

"Don't think that perfecting an asana makes a good practice. Getting up and being on your mat, and just doing what you can, that is sufficient and that is your best practice."



As a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer, yoga has accompanied my dance career and my life since 1998. Along the way, I discovered different styles of yoga and completed several yoga teacher training courses. In Mysore/India I came into contact with the Ashtanga practice and it never let go of me.

Various further training courses followed with senior Ashtanga teachers such as Manju Patthabi Jois, Prem & Radha, Kino MacGregor and others. After many years of self-practice, I met my teacher Kristina Karitinou in Crete, who still guides me in my Ashtanga practice today. I travel to Crete every year to practice with her. I also completed the AYInnovation Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Dr. Ronald Steiner. I am very grateful for Ronald’s profound knowledge of yoga therapy, anatomy and adjustments.

I finally received my authorization from Manju Patthabi Jois. I particularly appreciate Manju’s humorous approach and his focus on serenity in his own practice and on maintaining the joy of teaching at all times. 

For me, the Ashtanga practice is a form of healing. Every day it offers me a space for reflection. A mirror that shows me where I currently stand. A reliable friend and companion in all life situations. 

In my classes, I see yoga practice as a protected space in which participants can feel and experience physical, emotional and mental boundaries. With careful guidance, they can allow for change and growth.


I have been practicing yoga since 2008 and have learned to find strength and peace through the combination of breath and movement. After two workshops and a yoga teacher training with Nicky Knoff in Australia in 2013, I discovered Ashtanga Yoga.

The increased focus on personal practice and the individual guidance from teachers such as Nir Tiomkin in Berlin and Eddie Stern in New York opened up new worlds of concentration and mindfulness for me.

Workshops with Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor, Nancy Gilgoff, Ty Landrum, Sharath Jois as well as a month in Mysore with Saraswathi Jois and a Teacher's Intensive with Richard and Mary in Boulder inspired and strengthened my practice. I hope to be able to not only pass on my technical knowledge but also the caring warmth that I myself have experienced from my teachers.

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