Sukha Yoga Ashtanga Mysore Style Berlin Schöneberg

Sukha Yoga Berlin is located at Akazienstraße 27, in the first backyard, right staircase, on the 5th floor (top floor), in 10823 Berlin.

The elevator will take you directly to the top floor.

Please be punctual and arrive at least 5 to 10 minutes before the starting time.

ALL our classes can be attended without prior knowledge.

We will guide you step by step rom the very beginning.

You can easily register for a class online by clicking on your desired class in the timetable. You can also come directly to our studio and join a class. All common payment methods are accepted. Stundenplan klickst.
Du kannst aber auch direkt zu uns ins Studio kommen und an einem Kurs teilnehmen. Alle gängigen Zahlungsmethoden sind auch im Studio möglich.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga has a holistic effect

In Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, breath and movement are being synchronized: Every single physical movement is associated with an in- or an exhale. Through a flowing sequence of fixed asanas (postures), the body moves while the breath is simultaneously controlled.

Concentration and mindfulness are practiced step by step, allowing a moving meditative state to develop.
With a little practice, your body will become more powerful and flexible and your breathing and movement will be synchronized.

You will learn to concentrate moment by moment and to become more relaxed at the same time.

“Mysore” refers to the style in which Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga is traditionally practiced. It is named after the city of Mysore in southern India. What is special about the Mysore style is that each student practices at their own individual pace and learns a fixed series of asanas (yoga postures) step by step.

In Mysore style classes, you will receive customized instruction and assistance.

The focus in Mysore yoga classes is on concentration, the combination of breath and movement and the alignment with inner consciousness. Students of all levels can take part in Mysore yoga classes, as the postures can be adapted to suit individual needs and promote health.

The Mysore style practice offers you the space to dive in a deep connection with yourself and to develop your full potential.

Ashtanga Mysore style yoga is suitable for EVERYONE.

Please let us know about any limitations before you start your practice so that we can provide you with individual support.

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